When it comes to creating a cohesive marketing and sales structure, companies often forget the importance of aligning their marketing and sales teams. In the context of most companies, marketing teams generate leads, and the sales teams pursue those leads to turn them into clients. Ensuring sales/marketing alignment establishes a collective goal, where both teams establish ROI as the central responsibility of the entire organization. Having both teams work in tandem not only streamlines the process of procuring sales, but also generates revenue more effectively.

As technology continues to play an integral role in healthcare marketing, it becomes important for companies to provide their sales force with the proper digital marketing support. When provided with the proper tools and information, sales teams are better able to connect with physicians and patients and relay why their medical devices are beneficial to the industry and its professionals.

Companies can easily ensure their marketing and sales teams are aligned by overseeing content management. Marketing teams can compile various content to assist prospective customers’ journeys through the sales funnel, including case studies, testimonials, and presentations. It’s crucial sales representatives in the field have a means of receiving this content in order to effectively inform and engage physicians, clinicians, or surgeons. Companies can ensure marketing content is made readily available to sales team members by using websites, mobile applications, or other smart devices that can upload, synchronize, and manage content wirelessly.

Mobile applications prove valuable, especially as consumers seek convenience and support. Marketing teams can determine what makes an effective mobile app by meeting with sales team members to discuss obstacles. By collaborating with sales to further understand administrative tasks and sales processes more clearly, marketing teams can develop an app that specifically aligns with and supplements sales’ selling techniques and strategies.

In order to successfully market medical devices, companies must ensure their marketing and sales teams engage with one another to form a network that best promotes the goals and responsibilities of the organization. When marketing and sales teams are aligned, they can provide cohesive educational resources and mobile content that better conveys the benefits of a medical device. This alignment ensures marketing and sales processes are streamlined and more effective at achieving results.