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Global Marketing Squared (GMS²), is an innovative virtual global boutique branding and product launch firm for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. 

About The Company


Global Marketing Squared also allows Rubin Spann to combat another problem that he sees within the healthcare sector: the failure of global marketing teams to better understand their customers.  In this day and age of rapid customer feedback, NPS customer surveys, and social media banter, it is more important than ever for global marketing teams to understand and anticipate the needs of their customers in the various markets they serve.  Global marketing teams must “live with their customers” through uncovering customers insights and translating these insights into executable strategic marketing plans.

Rubin Spann’s intimate knowledge of global markets and his keen ability



to help brands navigate and establish themselves within these global markets is what truly sets Global Marketing Squared apart from other marketing firms. Rubin has coined the phrase “Brand Diplomacy” which translates into helping global marketing teams deliver their brand promise to their customers coupled with flawless strategic execution.

Rubin Spann’s 15 years of hands-on experience working in healthcare marketing, and his curated knowledge of international markets provide him with a tremendous advantage when it comes to helping global marketing teams optimize their brands, successfully launch their products, and uncover important customer insights.


Healthcare Reimagined

Founded in 2015, GMS² specializes in partnering with global marketing teams at medical device, healthcare technology, and pharmaceutical companies to help them maximize their brand equity and product portfolio.

Operating globally, GMS² combines customer insights and flawless marketing execution that helps its customers expand their global footprint and propel their businesses forward. By assisting these healthcare companies in their growth and marketing, Rubin is helping to improve the healthcare of people everywhere.

Rubin Spann launched Global Marketing Squared to be a solution to a problem that he understood very well within the marketplace: global marketing teams at medical device and pharmaceutical companies are so busy focusing on daily tactical challenges that they don’t have the time to think about critical strategic and brand planning. GMS² takes this burden off them by completing the strategy and brand planning for these teams. Global Marketing Squared is Rubin’s foot in the door for these businesses where he helps them develop brands, redefine their strategies, and position their products in such a way that they are differentiated from their competitors.

“Brand Diplomacy = delivering on the company’s brand promise to the customer + flawless strategic execution.” – Rubin Spann

GMS² – Forward Thinking


Q: With so many unique and distinct global markets, how do you navigate each region with different needs to bring your client’s plan to fruition and successfully execute their global product and service launches? What is the key to flawless product launch execution in an ever-changing global dynamic marketplace?

A: In general, the global marketing teams working at these companies do exceptional work in developing their services and products, but when it comes to launching them globally, they often fall short. Often these teams are US-centric focused and miss the larger launch opportunity by understanding the needs of their regional marketing partners. Through Global Marketing Squared I can go into these companies and work with these global marketing teams to refine their product and service launch strategies to get the most for their efforts. Over the years I have led several successful product and service launches across several regions by helping organize cross-functional teams across the globe that include R&D, Sales, Quality, and Marketing among others. Ongoing communication helps ensure alignment of values and missions and measures progress.

Q: How do you ensure that while you’re meeting your customer’s current needs, you’re also planning for their future needs?

A: Put simply, the key to success is understanding your customer’s needs and wants, both present and future. In part due to a lack of understanding of their customers’ needs, both present and future, tied with a failure to allocate necessary resources to each can result in these global marketing teams missing out on growing worldwide revenue opportunities. The best way to balance a customer’s current and future needs is for global marketing teams to spend 20%-30% of their time in the field with their key customers in addition to developing a R&D Global Product Portfolio Roadmap which mirrors current and future customer needs. Then, regular checkpoints and assessments along with continual market trend monitoring help secure long-term financial success for these businesses.

Q: What does it take to build a top-quality marketing team who continually performs well and exceeds their stretch goals?

A: Nothing threatens the global success of a corporation more than an underperforming global marketing team. When a global marketing team underperforms, they don’t respond quickly enough to the changing needs of their customers or to competitor threats to keep up with the fast-paced environment, which can set them back and keep them there. The key to a high-performing global marketing team is aligning their daily tasks to the short and long-term corporate objectives with appropriate metrics to monitor individual and team performance. As the leader of the group, you must ensure the team’s shared values and objectives are woven into every decision, every meeting and every execution.