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Global Marketing Squared (GMS²), is an innovative virtual global boutique branding and product launch firm for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. 

About The Company

Global Marketing Squared, LLC (GMS) is a boutique digital health consulting firm assisting small and medium-sized healthcare companies to deploy, scale, and monetize disruptive digital health platforms, connected devices, and consumer health applications across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries. The firm focuses on smaller health-tech companies with substantial growth opportunities to accelerate the commercialization and scale of their technology platforms, products, and services across US, LATAM, Europe & Asia geographies. 

Healthcare Reimagined

Founded in 2015, GMS² specializes in partnering with global marketing teams at medical device, healthcare technology, and pharmaceutical companies to help them maximize their brand equity and product portfolio.

Operating globally, GMS² combines customer insights and flawless marketing execution that helps its customers expand their global footprint and propel their businesses forward. By assisting these healthcare companies in their growth and marketing, Rubin is helping to improve the healthcare of people everywhere.

Rubin Spann launched Global Marketing Squared to be a solution to a problem that he understood very well within the marketplace: global marketing teams at medical device and pharmaceutical companies are so busy focusing on daily tactical challenges that they don’t have the time to think about critical strategic and brand planning. GMS² takes this burden off them by completing the strategy and brand planning for these teams. Global Marketing Squared is Rubin’s foot in the door for these businesses where he helps them develop brands, redefine their strategies, and position their products in such a way that they are differentiated from their competitors.


I am an innovative and highly strategic Global Digital Health Product Marketing Leader with deep experience helping healthcare companies deploy, scale, and monetize novel digital platforms, technologies, products, and services across the medical device, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and consumer health industries. I have a passion for helping healthcare companies and their customers thrive in ambiguous and constantly changing digital healthcare environments. Over a decade of my career has been spent educating global stakeholders on digital health commercialization and its escalating impact on health, healthcare, general living, and society.


My professional experience is complemented by an MBA from the Neeley School of Business at TCU (Marketing & General Management) located in Fort Worth, TX, and a BA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing racquetball, and driving 1967 Camaro sports cars.