Brand Diplomacy—sounds elegant, doesn’t it? But the truth is, there’s nothing ‘fancy’ about strategic management and flawless execution. There’s nothing flashy about hours of intense – nose to the proverbial grindstone – planning. True, it may not be the most elegant thing in the world. But it’s certainly effective.

Here’s what you need to know: high-performing marketing teams are more likely than underperforming ones to focus on the customer experience, coordinate closely with Sales, and engage consumers across channels, according to recent research from Salesforce. In other words, product and service launches don’t meet their full potential when global commercial  marketing teams fail to listen to their customers.

Brand Diplomacy

Brand Diplomacy is about doing just that – delivering on a company’s brand promise by listening to the wants and needs of their customers.

Let’s look at it like this: you must understand the wants of your customers. But you can’t just stop with the here and now, you also must learn to track their wants and needs into the future. In short, you must strategically grow and scale with your audience.

The real reason product & service launches in the healthcare industry fail is not because their graphics aren’t the best on the market, their design standards the most cutting edge, or their marketing copy the wittiest—the real reason a product or service launch fails is because the global commercial marketing teams fail to execute on the brand promise for the product or service. In summary, customer’s expectations are not met.

Global Marketing Squared

I started Global Marketing Squared to help Healthcare Commercial Marketing Teams understand & Execute Brand Diplomacy, and to help businesses keep their promises to customers. Global Marketing Squared (GMS²) is a boutique global strategic marketing and product launch firm that helps global commercial marketing teams deliver on their product and service promises.

(GMS²) was created to help your global commercial marketing team deliver on its brand promises to their customers.

Don’t let your brand suffer because of a failure to keep your word. In a world where new technologies and information become irrelevant at an alarming rate, the one thing that stands the test of time is your brand. Partner with Global Marketing Squared and we’ll help you navigate and execute your brand diplomacy.